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Archive for March, 2021

Month: March 2021 features: – GEOS boot in 13 seconds (power-up to first appearance of the mouse pointer).– SD2IEC support to mount D64 image on boot.– Faster graph routines.– EasyFlash support.– REU support (Upcoming version will support GEORAM).– 2MHz support for C128 in C64 mode.– And, numerous little tweaks to make it even faster.

Month: March 2021

NST’s Monitor Extension – Plus/4, C116, C16 (TED) Technical Documents – 1541-II to 1551 conversion (HU) – SIDCARD improved – Plus/4 cart with games – 6529 +4 replacement –

Month: March 2021

I’ve found few file managers / dir listers for C64, just try which one suits you best: Nav 9. 6 FB1K Dirplus (supports other machines too) Jaffydos (Jiffymod which integrates simple browser in ROM, so no external util loading is needed) 1541 Fastloader and SD2IEC File Browser v1.0 – AutoCombo!